About us


Mackay Funerals has over 135 years of experience in tailoring funeral services to the needs and values of families in Queensland, having served the local communities since the late 1880.

We believe that every funeral service should be as unique as the family coming to us. Our staff will consult you on every aspect of the funeral and endeavour to cater for your wants, needs and desires while also remaining conscious of your budget. We strive to add great value for money and minimize the potential stress of making funeral arrangements.

Our funeral directors are well-established and connected in the local communities they serve, and proud to uphold the values we believe in: Family, Honour, Trust, Respect, Commitment and Loyalty.

At Mackay Funerals we understand your values, and care about them too. For our values define us all. Our lives. Our loves. Our choices. They make us who we are. And they live on in the hearts and minds of those we love long after the person is gone.

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Our history

Mackay Funerals' history began in the 1880s. The first owners were the Grant family. Alex Grant, who took over the business from his father (also named Alex), was well known in Mackay. Mackay historian Mrs. Bernice Wright said the name Alex Grant as a funeral director was first listed in Mackay City Council burial records on January 3rd, 1884.

Recounting the firm’s history another well known former funeral director - the late Mr. Tom Redhead said he bought the firm in 1958 from Leonard A. and J. Thomas, a husband and wife team who had taken it over from the Grant family about 12 years previously.

Mr. Redhead said he named the building Mackay Funerals. Until then it had taken the name of the family owners.

Over the years Mackay Funerals has been bought and sold several times and is now operated by InvoCare Australia Pty Ltd, a leading provider of funeral services in Australia.

The funeral home is managed by Kathleen McGill-Larsen. Together with her staff she upholds the proud traditions of her forefathers.

The Mackay Funerals funeral home

Proudly part of InvoCare. InvoCare is a leading provider of funeral services in Australia.