Celebrating the Values You Treasure Most

The values we treasure most are like chapters in our lives. They are part of those special moments we store in our hearts and minds that we hold close, cherish and keep safe. They make us smile in times of sorrow. This is how we remember those most dear to us.

In our latest commercial everyday people show us the values they treasure in wonderful life moments.
Helping people celebrate their loved one’s values is something we at Mackay Funerals have been proudly doing for more than 135 years.

The Values

Family values


This is a value that encompasses our traditions, culture, heritage, beliefs and so much more.
Family is what can create the loving, caring environment that turns a mere house into a home. The joy and happiness it can bring to us all… well, words on a page just can’t do it justice.
At Mackay Funerals, our experience and dedication means we will do right by you and your family.


Commitment is a very personal value, a promise of faithfulness, devotion and love. A commitment is a serious, long-term promise that we make and keep, both with ourselves and others.
It's a value we at Mackay Funerals truly and fully dedicate ourselves to, especially in those times that are tougher. Celebrating your loved ones is a commitment our funeral directors gladly make every day.


Respect elicits the feeling of adoration, admiration and esteem. Like trust, it is a value that is not given to just anyone. It is a value that is bestowed upon you, that you have to work for and earn through your actions, deeds and conduct.
Respect is a value that all our staff at Mackay Funerals work hard to earn, maintain and show to every family that comes through our doors.


Someone who is loyal is reliable and always true – like your trusty dog. While the word 'Loyalty' itself derives from the ancient French word 'Loial', its meaning has evolved over the centuries from that of a legal bond to one that is now more a bond of the heart.
This is a fact our funeral directors are fortunate enough to witness every day in the work we do with the families that turn to us to arrange a funeral service.


Trust is a choice we make. It's not so much a value that is learned, rather it's one that is earned. Earned only by those who are worthy of it. Perhaps the greatest quality of trust is not the accomplishments we make once we have earned it, but rather what the value of trust accomplishes in each of us on our journey to become worthy of receiving it. Families trust Mackay Funerals every day, and have done so since the 1880s.


Honour is a value that derives from the Latin word 'Honos' – to evaluate an individual’s worthiness, integrity and character.
It is a value that we all hope we possess, yet when pressed, very few can describe honour in words.
At Mackay Funerals we aim to honour the lifetime of your loved one through the funeral service.