Burial or Cremation

Burial or Cremation

Many people express their wish for burial or cremation before they die, and it is useful to keep loved ones informed of this preference to relieve family members of any extra burden during their time of grief.

Our experienced funeral directors at Mackay Funerals are here to help advise you on the best options to meet your needs and your budget. Our staff pride themselves on offering you personal and specialist care.


A cremation is a popular option these days. For cremations, we will need you to consider how you would like to lay the cremated remains (commonly referred to as ashes) to rest. You can choose from several options:

  • a crematorium space;
  • placing the cremated remains in a lawn cemetery or they can be interred in a grave if desired;
  • placement in a container such as an urn;
  • scattering in a favourite place


Burial is an alternative option to cremation. For burials, we will need to know if:

  • a new grave is required; or
  • if there is an existing family plot

If your family does not already have a cemetery plot, our staff can help you select a burial plot or crypt for your loved one.

Next steps

There are many options to consider when planning a funeral.

Mackay Funerals aim to help you arrange all aspects of a funeral service using our extensive experience and personalised care.

We are available to discuss these options with you when the time comes. You can contact one of our experienced funeral directors on

(07) 4957 3248